Drizzly Walk on the Barbican Highwalks

Barbican on a week day afternoon in December. Impressions: Comfortingly bleak, damp, dark, cloudy, concrete, angular, empty, many ways to wander Question: Where do you walk comfortably when its dark and drizzly? Images: Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and coaching

Country Mouse Walk

For the first time after 16 years of living here, my country mouse aunt came to visit me in London last summer. To my aunt, London is a big, scary, exciting city full of traffic, landmarks and tourists. This was an opportunity to show her the London that I live in. The beautiful, occasionally peaceful, …

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Never Walking Alone

While flicking through photos I’ve taken during walks over the last year, I notice that I’ve gathered a collection of images of lilac flowers.  This seems odd.  Lilac isn’t a colour that I like.  And then I remember that this is my Granny’s colour.  My Granny who died a year ago.  Lilac is the shade she …

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Taking the Path Along the River Mole in Leatherhead

River Mole in Leatherhead on a week day afternoon in December Impressions: Sun, silhouettes, tree branch shapes, cold, breezeless, blue sky, mud, quiet, freedom, winding paths, flowing, sparkling river, aqueduct.  Long haired grass, brambles, nettles, tall, regal trees. Question: Do you take the worn path or go through the mud and brambles? Images: Find out more …

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How could you benefit from joining a Self-Boss Networking Walk?

In time honoured fashion, December’s networking walk enabled participants to connect with each other while reflecting on the year.  After a heavy storm, the day of the walk offered bracing cold, sparkling sunshine and blue sky – perfect walking weather.  The route took the walkers through the East Village, wetlands and around the river.  For …

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