Drizzly Walk on the Barbican Highwalks

Barbican on a week day afternoon in December. Impressions: Comfortingly bleak, damp, dark, cloudy, concrete, angular, empty, many ways to wander Question: Where do you walk comfortably when its dark and drizzly? Images: Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and coaching

Country Mouse Walk

For the first time after 16 years of living here, my country mouse aunt came to visit me in London last summer. To my aunt, London is a big, scary, exciting city full of traffic, landmarks and tourists. This was an opportunity to show her the London that I live in. The beautiful, occasionally peaceful, …

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Taking the Path Along the River Mole in Leatherhead

River Mole in Leatherhead on a week day afternoon in December Impressions: Sun, silhouettes, tree branch shapes, cold, breezeless, blue sky, mud, quiet, freedom, winding paths, flowing, sparkling river, aqueduct.  Long haired grass, brambles, nettles, tall, regal trees. Question: Do you take the worn path or go through the mud and brambles? Images: Find out more …

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Christmas Lights in Granary Square

Granary Square on a week day afternoon in December. Impressions: Cloudy, bleak, grey, subdued lights, tiny lights, coloured lights, Christmas anticipation, loud Christmas tree, damp Question: What is the most interesting Christmas tree you have encountered? Images: Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and coaching

Family Walk at Kew Winter Lights

Kew Winter Lights on a week day evening in December. Impressions: Magic, colour, shapes, creative, discovery, cold, crowded, laughing parents, tired children Question: Do you have a traditional family walk over Christmas? Images: Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and coaching

Madrid by Night

A walk through the centre of Madrid, Spain by night in November  Impressions: Mild evening, bars full of chatter, night wanderers, tourists, a couple of pickpockets thwarted, historical buildings lit up, chirruping road crossing lights, 6 lane boulevards thrumming with traffic, couples with arms around each other, children playing in the square Question: Where will …

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Madrid by Day

Madrid, Spain by day in November Impressions: Brilliant sunlight, blue, cloudy sky, beautiful architecture, rows of skinny, shin high bollards, Spanish flags waving from balconies. Pretty dogs, pretty people, Almodovar style fabulous high heeled, big hair, loudly made up women, cool young people, sophisticated older people, the odd disorientated drifter, tourists from many countries. Question:  …

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Three Mills

Three Mills on a week day afternoon in June. Impressions: Long grass, riverside, cranes and tall buildings.  Steps up a fallen log, golden gates, paths the shape of a round circle with waving arms, teenagers huddled and chatting.  Strong sunshine, hot breeze, wooden playground, floor trampoline, statues, butterflies, cobbled path. Question: Sometimes we can only see the steps, …

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