Purple at Kew in Late May

Kew on a May bank holiday Impressions: Pom pom headed aliums, whole variety of pinks and purples, fairy grotto of pink and purple blossom, a spring transformation Question: Purple is the colour of creativity.  How does purple make you feel? Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and coaching

Behind the Scenes of Yelling Down Drains

Greenway on a bright March morning.  (The walk that created Yelling Down Drains.) Impressions: We walk the length of the Greenway.  Cyclists, walkers, tarmac, street art, graffiti, workmen, Abbey Mills Pumping Station, scent of sewage, strong sunlight.  We yell down drains, voices echo, cobwebs, rushing water, smell that gently burns our throats, passerby warns us …

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