Christmas Lights in Granary Square

Granary Square on a week day afternoon in December. Impressions: Cloudy, bleak, grey, subdued lights, tiny lights, coloured lights, Christmas anticipation, loud Christmas tree, damp Question: What is the most interesting Christmas tree you have encountered? Images: Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and coaching

Self-Boss Networking Walk – Motivation

It’s a surprisingly warm November day.  A group of strangers with diverse business backgrounds become a lively, supportive, adventurous gathering of self-bosses, through a walk in the Olympic Park.  This is a different kind of networking experience, a Self-Boss Networking Walk lead by Anise and designed to be uplifting, energising and positive. “The walk was inspiring, relaxing and …

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Wellbeing At Work: What Makes a Difference?

Wellbeing at work not only benefits individuals but also companies.  Wellbeing lowers absence rates, improves retention and also impacts on quality of work.  Walking has a profound effect on wellbeing.  We are all being encouraged to walk more, engage in walking commutes and take up walking meetings.  This activity improves our physical and mental health …

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A Day (Or More) Away

My phone comes everywhere with me and makes my work and life possible through constant communication, maps, weather reports, taking and sharing of photos, finding of all information, making lists, checking email and so on.  While it is extraordinarily enabling, it also takes over my thoughts with its interruptions, twitching, buzzing and deliciously easy availability. …

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A Tourist Wander Through the Inns of Court

Inns of Court on a June weekday afternoon. Impressions: Spires, arches, alleyways, chequer board marble, anachronistic, hallowed spaces.  Time warped but spotless, not aged, and scrupulously cared for.  Floppy haired shiny shoed boys, miniature lawyers, alongside actual lawyers, tourists, students, legal professionals.  Clang and ding of scaffolding poles, building works, cranes rising behind the rooves.  Black …

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What I Love About Being a Self-Boss

I’m wandering round in light rain, watching a swan and her new cygnets, plotting a route for a group walk – exploring, problem solving, mindfully observing.  This is an example of a day in my working life now and I feel grateful and alive.  Walking and wandering and doing something wonderful that gets people connecting, thinking, reflecting and active. …

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