Coaching to help you
feel more confident, less stressed
and able to embrace change.

I’m here for you when life gets complicated. This is when you may be overwhelmed, feeling stuck, dealing with difficult work situations, or uncertain about what your next step is. My clients are people like you, who care about doing the right thing, having successful careers and living a good life. They are creatives, techies, organisers, entrepreneurs, and educators.

You are invited to join me for a different kind of coaching experience. 

Each session is a tiny, safe adventure that gets you moving, thinking, laughing, feeling supported and ready to make long lasting, positive change.   I will work with you in the here and now; helping you feel great about being you and supported to develop positive, practical ways of managing all that life throws at you.  That is, to build resilience.

What is resilience?

Resilience is about prioritising our wellbeing AND our productivity.

It is about protecting against stress, knowing what’s important to us and taking care of ourselves and our teams.

Anise trained with the Resilience Engine, who define resilience as ‘our capacity for change’. Rather than focusing on what we need to just cope or keep bouncing back, this approach focuses on what we need to really thrive.

How does coaching work?

My coaching sessions are warm, open and supportive.  They include learning, practical tools, reflection, wandering, creativity and mindfulness.

I coach online, on the phone or while walking with you in London.  My method promotes the many wonders of walking and draws on the ground-breaking research, models and approach of the Resilience Engine™.

Individual coaching

Join me for a Resilience Checkup, a standalone coaching conversation, or sign up for a deeper Resilience Coaching Programme.

Together we will build your confidence, focus on practical solutions, explore what matters to you and what holds you back. You will develop your own resilience practice that will benefit you both now and long after the coaching experience.  You will leave with new perspectives, deeper self-awareness, higher energy and personalised actions you can use straight away. 


Join me for a coaching experience designed to help your team bond and build their resilience.

Your team will learn more about resilience, have open, positive conversations and develop their own practical ways of supporting each other through these uncertain times.


Please note that coaching is not counselling. However, resilience involves our whole selves so coaching conversations may explore both work and life.  Your safety, confidentiality and comfort is prioritised in all sessions. On occasion, some clients may need further support or referrals.  You will be in safe hands as Anise is a Mental Health First Aider with a wealth of coaching experience.

Where do you start?

Get in touch to book a free, phone or Zoom, 30 minute consultation to explore how resilience coaching can help you or your team.

Sign up to #WalkWednesday for a weekly prompt to take a few minutes to wander, be present and ponder.

Join a Resilience Walk to walk locally while connecting with me and a small, friendly group via Zoom.

Sign up for #WalkWednesday. A weekly prompt to take a few minutes to wander, be present and ponder.

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