Coaching for adapting
to uncertain, overwhelming times.

My clients connect with me when they are going through challenging times.  They are resourceful, experienced, creative people.  And at the time, they are overwhelmed.  They are stressed.  They are dealing with difficult work situations, feeling uncertain about what’s next, or adapting to big life changes like redundancy, parenthood, illness recovery, or even something as weird as a pandemic.  They have many demands on their time including the pressures of how they feel they ‘should’ be living or working.

My clients need space.

Space to breathe. To think.  To recharge.

They are interested in developing effective ways of managing all that life throws at them.  That is, they want to build their resilience.  

What is resilience?

Resilience is about taking care of ourselves. 

It is regularly recognising how we are feeling and being aware of what we need.  It is being honest about what is going on, accepting that we have good times and bad times, and being kind to ourselves.

Resilience is practical. 

 It is knowing what’s important to us and really knowing ourselves;  It is asking for help, positively saying no and taking responsibility for ourselves;  It is doing less of what drains us and more of the things that we love;  It is laughing, wandering, learning, resting and connecting with ourselves and others.

When we are resilient, we are able to adapt to change. 

We feel safe in our own skin and we have enough energy.  Ultimately, we are able to embrace whatever happens to us and feel good about being ourselves.

How will you benefit?

The coaching work is designed to:

  • Help you develop your own resilience practice
  • Give you practical tools, techniques and knowledge for building resilience
  • Give you space to think and recharge
  • Support you to bring about positive changes.

This is a chance to have more energy, focus on what is important to you and feel comfortable in simply being yourself.  Fundamentally, this is an opportunity to build the resilience you need to be able to adapt to the changes you have already experienced and feel ready for whatever is next. 

How do I coach?

My coaching is an invitation for you to join me on a safe, resilience building adventure.  It is the offer of space and perspective.

Sessions are warm, open and supportive.  They include learning, reflection, wandering, creativity and mindfulness.

I coach online, on the phone or while walking with you in London.  My method promotes the many wonders of walking and draws on the ground-breaking research, models and approach of the Resilience Engine™.


Individual coaching

Working one-to-one, our first step will be to explore your current resilience level and what is going on for you right now.  The coaching sessions will then be tailored to what you need to support your resilience.  We will work (and/or walk) at your pace. 

Group coaching

Small group coaching adds the energy and laughter of working with others, the chance to share experiences, and the fostering of a supportive network around the participants.  Clients are put at ease, encouraged to engage with sessions in their own way and share only what they feel comfortable with. 

Safety & Ethics

Please be aware that the coaching I offer is not counselling.  Specifically, I do not have the therapeutic background needed to diagnose or treat mental ill health conditions.  However, a number of my clients benefit from coaching while also gaining support from a therapist.  I prioritise the safety of my clients through my commitment to Resilience Engine™ ethical principles together with regular supervision and professional development.  As well as 10 years of coaching experience and a number of coaching qualifications, I have Mental Health Awareness training and will refer clients if needed.

Where do you start?

Get in touch to explore how resilience coaching can help you. Book a free, phone or zoom, 30 minute consultation to find out more about resilience coaching and see if my coaching style could work for you. 

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You may be ready to join me for the Life After Lockdown coaching conversation.  This is a 90 minute online session designed to explore your lockdown story and help you move forward with resilience.


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