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Coaching walks to feel connected, supported & resilient

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We’re working in stressful times. Professionals are dealing with uncertainty and heavy workloads. Some are at risk of loneliness, overwhelm and burnout. 

My resilience coaching walks can help.

Walking and coaching with me boosts physical and mental health, strengthens team bonds and fills you with the energy, confidence and headspace to handle challenges.

I will give you space to breathe and reflect on how you’re working. You will be supported to really connect with your colleagues, shift how you’re thinking and take practical actions to build your resilience.

It’s not just a walk. It’s a step towards the whole team recharging their work life.


Reviews from walkers

What an invigorating day! Anise's warm and welcoming energy, thoughtful discussion questions, and great walking format had our group from the Zebras Unite community strolling around the wonderful setting of the Barbican engaged in open 1:1 conversations, diving into the theme of resilience helped us to bond as a group.
Walking with Anise is wonderful. She listens and asks questions that, while sometimes difficult, have helped me to grow and change. I’ve had more than one light bulb moment and, at the end of each session, I achieved what I wanted and gained clarity on what my next steps should be.
Anise has a very calming voice, and combined with the breathing techniques she gives along the way - we walked together, virtually, taking in the sights and sounds of my surroundings. It was a very well-spent lunch break because I felt refreshed and ready for the rest of the day.

Hi, I'm Anise.

A Resilience Coach who loves to wander.

Every coaching walk with you or your team, in-person or remotely via video, is a refreshing mini adventure that awakens bodies, engages the mind and gives everyone the energy and support to make long-lasting, positive changes.

I’m ready to walk and talk, how about you?

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Coaching walks for you and your colleagues


In-person Walkshops

Invite your team on an energising, connecting adventure with in-person coaching walkshops in the park.


Online Walkshops

Recharge and connect your team with online resilience walkshops - ideal for hybrid workers and remote teams.

Resilience Coaching

One-to-one coaching for professionals who need extra resilience support.


Each month, you’ll receive a 5 min (ish) guided audio walk. You’ll hear me inviting you to breathe, move, and ponder a topic that supports resilience while listening to the sounds of my location.


Plus, you’ll find out about different ways you can walk with me.


“I felt peaceful and your voice guided me to become more self aware…I needed it as I was stressed that day”


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Ready to walk and talk?

Let’s put on our walking shoes and have a chat. (Sitting chats are available too!)