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2020 Work Walk List

What do you want more of in 2020? Perhaps you’d like to wander more so that you can improve your health, build your resilience, and have mini adventures. You may have big 2020 walking goals like a walking marathon or rural hike but how about simply aiming to make a walking at work habit?

Instead of being driven by your step count, get motivated by exploring London. How about visiting that statue or little square you’ve never seen despite working a few minutes away for years? Kickstart this habit by making a 2020 Work Walk List. That is, a list of places or routes you’d like to wander this year in and around work.

Weaving walking into our daily routines makes this possible. For example, this could be during your commute, lunch break, meetings, moving between meetings or work sites or working from home/out of the office. Even five minutes can make a positive difference. Go alone to gain some headspace or go with colleagues to build relationships.

Start your 2020 Work Walk List by making a list of 10 local places you’d like to wander to or in this year.

Use these ideas to help draw up your list:

  1. Start small by mixing up your walk into or out of work. For example, take a parallel street or a short detour. What would you like to see that’s just round the corner?
  2. Ask your colleagues for ideas. Is there a city garden or interesting alley way that they visit all the time that you didn’t know about? Maybe you could go on a walk with a colleague who knows the area well.
  3. Use google maps. What can you see of interest in all directions from your workplace or tube stop that is about 5 or 10 minutes walk away?
  4. Gain inspiration from Tranquil City. Use their map to explore tranquil places in the city and rediscover your area.

More ideas for creating a 2020 Work Walk List will be added as the year progresses. How can you turn one of your many meetings into a mini adventure? What places will be on your list?

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