7 Ideas For Taking A ‘Walk’ In Your Home

A wander is good for us in so many ways but it’s not always possible to wander outside.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t still go for a walk inside.  Switch off your devices and have a few moments being present and moving in a way that feels good for you.  Try some of these ideas for enhancing your mood and health by taking a walk indoors:

  1. Walk in the room. Wander around any space you have. You can use a variety of steps and see what works for you. Try sidestepping or dancing or walking backwards. Try taking long steps or tiny steps on tiptoes. Take off your socks/slippers to feel the full sensory experience of walking barefoot.
  2. Walking Arms. Stand on the spot and swing your arms as if you were marching. Bend and straighten your knees as you move your arms.
  3. Star Steps. For this you will walk on the spot and start with your feet together. Using your right foot – step forward and step back to feet together. Step right and step back to feet together. Step behind you and step back to feet together. Using your left foot – step behind you and step back to feet together. Step to the left and step back to feet together. Step forward and step back to feet together. Repeat.
  4. Stairs. Walk up and down the stairs if you have some. If you don’t, try climbing on the spot. Lift your knees high as you step and put your arms up as if you are climbing a ladder. That is, put your right arm up and your left arm down then your left arm up as you put your right arm down.
  5. Look around the room. An outdoor walk has the added benefit of scenery but you can also appreciate the indoor scenery.  You may be very familiar with the space you are in.  Try looking at your room with new eyes, as if you’ve just arrived for the first time.  Look up and down, peer into corners, stand in different parts of the room and notice what stands out for you.
  6. Look out the window. Take a moment to look out your window and notice the view. Open the window, if you can, to feel the sun or the wind, breathe outside air and listen to the sounds outdoors. If
    it’s night time or you’ve had enough of the view, try a new view at Window Swap: https://window-swap.com/
  7. Imagine a walk. As you wander, you could also try transporting yourself to a place that makes you feel good. Imagine yourself wandering along a favourite beach, a lively street, a colourful market, or a mountain pathway. Let your mind wander to a place that uplifts you.

I’d love to hear how you get on with trying some of these indoor walking activities.  Do let me know if you have more ideas for walking indoors.

This post was inspired by Sonia Rivero who joined an Online Resilience Walk at night from her room in Japan.

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