A Tourist Wander Through the Inns of Court

Inns of Court on a June weekday afternoon.

Impressions: Spires, arches, alleyways, chequer board marble, anachronistic, hallowed spaces.  Time warped but spotless, not aged, and scrupulously cared for.  Floppy haired shiny shoed boys, miniature lawyers, alongside actual lawyers, tourists, students, legal professionals.  Clang and ding of scaffolding poles, building works, cranes rising behind the rooves.  Black taxis, red phone boxes, wig shop.    CCTV, controlled access, curly gates, a polite yet firm ushering out.

Question: Walk somewhere local and familiar to you.  Imagine you are a tourist visiting for the first time.  How does the familiar place look through the eyes of a tourist?


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