Walk, talk and feel energised with me

Hi, I'm Anise Bullimore. A Resilience Coach who loves to wander.

Too many of us see being stressed or overworked as normal. And if we’re full up already, when things get challenging, we can become isolated, overwhelmed and burnt out. 

Let’s do things a different way. 

That’s what my coaching walks are all about. Giving ourselves the space, perspective, support and tools we need to work in healthy ways. And not just dealing with things on our own. Instead, being part of a team that builds resilience by connecting, collaborating and problem solving together.

Anise in Olympic Park

The wonders of walking

Walking is fundamental to my own happiness, health and resilience practice. You’ll often find me wandering in London parks and beyond.


Walking helps me feel more hopeful, alive and calm. I needed this more than ever when I went through my own challenging times at work.

In 2003 I landed my dream job in a university. I was doing innovative work and had wonderful colleagues. But the job had become a nightmare by the time I left 13 years later.

Multiple rounds of poorly handled cuts and restructures demotivated us. People were angry. Trust had been broken. I was on the receiving end of hostility and wasn’t performing at my best.

I made it my mission to become someone who could have helped me and my team. A coach who helps a team build trust, collaborate, deal with challenges and take care of themselves at the same time.

Resilience coaching can help your team too.

Every coaching walkshop I offer is a mini adventure designed to build your resilience, awaken your body and engage your mind to help you:

  • Boost energy
  • Reduce stress
  • Solve problems
  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve your work and personal relationships

All of which gives you the spark to make long-lasting, positive changes.


How to walk with me

Take your team on an energising, connecting adventure with in-person coaching walkshops in the park.

Recharge and connect your team with online resilience walkshops – ideal for hybrid workers and remote teams.

For team leaders to try before signing up for a team day. Or for team members who need extra resilience support.

And you can do them any way you choose, including online, over the phone, in person in a park in London or via on-demand, recorded walks.

Why you can trust my resilience coaching

With over a decade of coaching experience and oodles of qualifications, including:

  • Accredited Resilience Engine Practitioner and Mental Health First Aider
  • Diploma in Executive Coaching from the AoEC
  • Certifications in Systemic Team Coaching and Gestalt Coaching
  • Training in Walk Leadership and Thinking Environment

I’m a coach who help teams support each other and work in healthy ways, especially in stressful times.

So, if you’re ready to improve the resilience of yourself and your team, put on your walking shoes.

I’m looking forward to having a moving conversation with you.

Reviews from walkers

Anise develops your resilience in a way that's tailored to yourself or your team. I love her approach to well-being from both an individual basis and your ability to support and build a more resilient team long term. While a run relieves my stress, a walk with sunny Anise puts a smile on my face and feeling more grounded.
Anise's thorough excellent coaching quickly helped me realise a central issue I hadn't been aware of, which had been getting in my way at work. What's more, she gave me brilliant and straightforward advice, which I was able to put into practice and make change happen over a few months. I have had a much better experience at work as a result.
Your resilience walkshop was a welcome opportunity to step outdoors, reflect, and become more aware of my surroundings. I absolutely loved how there was time and space to invite so many vulnerable stories and perspectives from everyone present. I left the session more grounded, lighter, and smiling. Thank you!

Ready to walk and talk?

Let’s put on our walking shoes and have a chat.