Behind the Scenes of Yelling Down Drains

Greenway on a bright March morning.  (The walk that created Yelling Down Drains.)

Impressions: We walk the length of the Greenway.  Cyclists, walkers, tarmac, street art, graffiti, workmen, Abbey Mills Pumping Station, scent of sewage, strong sunlight.  We yell down drains, voices echo, cobwebs, rushing water, smell that gently burns our throats, passerby warns us to keep away from the drain.  Twisted wreck of abandoned trolleys, newly planted orchard, mess at the end and meeting of a lost man.

We talk about walking.  The ethics of walking, walking and safety differences as a woman or man alone, the digital detox and role of technology in our walk, our walking work, leading walks, walking art, walking coaching, walking performance, the Greenway and East London.

Question: What can you see or hear down a drain?

This video was produced by Blake Morris as part of his A Wander is Not a Slog project.  You are also invited to join him on one of his weekly walks (either in person or at a distance) bringing to life the collection of walks in the book Ways to Wander.

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