Bloomsbury Square Garden and Campaigning

Bloomsbury Square Garden on a week day morning in February.  Impressions:  Serious statue facing out of the park, his back to us.  High statue steps lurid green with algae.  Rubbish, lost leaves, soggy newspaper fallen in puddles.  Dancing red strip lights and chandeliers in an overlooking window.  Smart buildings.  Tourists with cameras.  Cold, humid, sunless day. …

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Victoria Park Boating Lake and Sailing Away

Victoria Park Boating Lake on a week day afternoon in February. Impressions: White sky, dark, wrinkled water, annoyingly cold.  Waterfowl fill the water like a crowd of tiny boats.  Waterfowl launching and landing, fighting and travelling, preening and feeding, grabbing twigs and plants to make a nest.  Water fountain, high vertical spout of water, creating a wall …

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Lake at Kew Gardens

Standing Still in Wintry Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens on a week day morning in January. Impressions: Babies, so many babies, and toddlers and maternity leave mothers.  Retired women in colourful accessories – rainbow leg warmers, leopard print hat, furry pink gloves.  A friendly and curious robin follows me.  Steaming manure, frost in the shade, deep winter colours, strong shadows, brilliant light, blinding …

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St Mary’s Rest Garden

St Mary’s Rest Garden in Nottingham on a week day afternoon in January. Impressions: Face bitingly cold, a high point in the city, circular pathways, chimneys emerging from the grass, sparse trees.  A bleak feel today, disheartening views, inquisitive dogs, walkers in tracksuits and woolly hats.  Grave stones lined up against the wall like chairs pushed back …

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Gordon Square and Writing on the Body

Gordon Square on a week day afternoon in January. Impressions:  Sunless, cold, winding paths, mud, old leaves, bare trees.  White sky, orangey earth, green grass.  A robin hopping on skinny legs.  Students, pairs chatting on benches, earphones, headphones, eating lunch.  Sculptures and quotes, muddied bins. Question: The artist’s name is engraved on the sculpture’s shoulder.  What words …

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Tree walkway in Regents Park

Regents Park and Colour

      Regents Park on a week day afternoon in November. Impressions: Alive with light and walkers.  Carpets of every colour leaves.  Shimmering water.  Man in a jumper with a fox on it feeding a squirrel.  Dogs.  Joggers.  Photographers.  Fountains.  Gardens.  Bird feeding, duck feeding, honking geese.  Sculpture trail.  Expansive space that feels like coming …

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