Burghley Park and Thinking Through Time

Burghley Park on a week day morning in January. (Escaping London)DSCF1900

Impressions: Sunless day, damp in the air, wide park, naked trees wearing only balls of threatening mistletoe, ancient trees.  Princess Diana memorial, young trees, drawings by children that will be adults now.  Deer droppings, electric fence, cattle grids, golden door of Burghley House, dulled today.  Occasional walkers in walking boots and colourful jackets.

Question: The trees in this park have witnessed generations of people, real life dramas, fashions and changes.  What would it be like to be a long lived tree?  How would you feel about time?  How would you view the people and happenings around you?

(This question was inspired by my mother)


DSCF1912 DSCF1906 DSCF1894 DSCF1887








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