Reframing Kew Bluebells

Kew Bluebells on a May bank holiday Impressions: Magical purple carpet, bluebells, woodland, lush green Question: Close up the blue bells are delicate and intricate, far away they blur into a purple carpet.  What are you focusing on and how does reframing it change the focus? Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and coaching

Exposed in the City

Monument on an early February morning. Impressions: Towers, sky scrapers, grey steel, grey sky, grey concrete, grey pavement.  Glass, money, suits, drizzle, wind. No rubbish, no mess. Question:  There is a statue of a giant man with exposed organs (Damien Hirst’s ‘Temple’). What do you feel uncomfortable exposing? Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and …

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Puddle Hopping Along the Lee Valley

Lee Valley to Canary Wharf on a week day afternoon in January. Impressions: Blue sky, yawning puddles, canal path obstacles, puddle hopping, fascinating reflections, sea gulls circling, orange tree, early lights Question: What obstacles give you positive new perspective? Images: Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and coaching

What I Love About Being a Self-Boss

I’m wandering round in light rain, watching a swan and her new cygnets, plotting a route for a group walk – exploring, problem solving, mindfully observing.  This is an example of a day in my working life now and I feel grateful and alive.  Walking and wandering and doing something wonderful that gets people connecting, thinking, reflecting and active. …

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Locked up in Tredegar Square

Tredegar Square on a July weekday morning. Impressions: Layers of green, sssshhhh of wind through the leaves, yellow sunshine, twirly benches.  Trees captured in plots of padlocked railings.  Large dragonfly swooping about, sneezing from the clouds of pollen and falling leaves, busy bees, distant siren, snatches of one-sided phone conversations. Question: What is precious enough to …

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Advice from an Astronaut

Am reading the wonderful Chris Hadfield’s ‘An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth‘.  While sharing his extraordinary space experiences, Chris Hadfield explains what it takes to become an astronaut. Actually going to space, even for those recruited as astronauts, is an almost impossible feat that requires superhuman levels of resilience, skill, dedication, planning, learning, health and …

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My inspiration

Here are some people and ideas that have inspired me and shaped my coaching approach: Dr Linda Carter has been a coach and mentor to me and teams I have worked in for a number of years.  She is full of ideas and knowledge. She builds confidence and fosters a positive, peaceful environment in which to …

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