Coaching for Team Leaders


Your role is challenging and complex.  You balance the needs of your team, demands of the organisation and your own professional development.  Change, uncertainty and busyness have become the norm.   

It can be difficult to find the space and support needed to gain clarity about where you and your team are at, how you wish to develop and what you need to get there.


Walking Coaching with Anise can make a difference

“You have been so attentive, encouraging, and sensitive. I have felt nurtured by our sessions, and I have been left feeling better able to move forward. Thank you”
Claire, Writer and Teacher

How will you benefit from Walking Coaching?

This London based one-to-one coaching is designed to get you moving, exploring how you and your team work, committing to a plan and feeling uplifted.

The walking coaching experience with Anise gives you space to:

  • explore your leadership style
  • clarify your vision and goals
  • gain focus and motivation
  • reflect on how your team operates
  • feel supported
  • increase confidence
  • solve problems and generate ideas
  • plan a way forward and commit to action
  • gain a sense of wellbeing and reduced stress

Why Coaching while Walking?

Walking alone has over a hundred physical and mental health benefits and has been proven to improve thinking and creativity.  Walking coaching focuses on creating a stimulating, reflective, supportive space. 

The physical walk allows a digital detox and gets you out of your usual work space.  It enables you to think in new ways, move through blockages and gain insights from the environment around you.