Feeling Stuck? Here’s How a Coaching Walk Can Help

Feeling stuck can be draining and uncomfortable. It is the sense that we are stuck in a job or a situation that makes us unhappy but can’t be escaped. Perhaps it is the golden handcuffs of a job that is well paid, or has benefits, but that weighs us down and traps us. The longer we are stuck, the more our confidence to move on fades. Being stuck itself then contributes to our feeling of ‘stuckness’. When we get stuck our thinking of how to unstick ourselves can go round and round in circles. That is, when we are stuck, our thinking can get stuck too and we struggle to find a way out.

Of course, coaching can’t provide immediate solutions or tell you what to do. But what it can give is something valuable and possibly transformative. It is a means to unstick our thinking. Coaching while walking in particular can offer the two major benefits of space and movement.

This is the space to think and explore. An emotionally safe space held by a coach. The space to reflect on what is going on for you and reflect on what is happening. To be listened to and truly heard by your coach and, perhaps more importantly, by yourself. In the space created, your awareness will be raised and you will look anew at your situation. From here you will be able to understand the resources, strengths and opportunities available to you.

Through walking coaching you also gain a sense of movement on a number of levels. Walking has been proven to have a positive impact on creative thinking and produce a natural high. This movement generates an atmosphere conducive to thinking more clearly, freely and innovatively. With the sky above our head rather than a ceiling there is a sense of openness and a feeling of literally moving through stuckness. Walking in a green space and nature compounds this positive impact. From here you will be able to think in new ways, begin to come up with ideas and start moving.

Space and movement through coaching can make a significant difference to feeling stuck. It is an approach that allows you to understand where you are at, how you got there and how you can take the next step.

Anise develops teams. She specialises in executive coaching while walking & development events designed to get teams moving, reflecting and connecting.  Find out more at www.walkcoachlearn.co.uk

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