Five Simple Ways to Support Wellbeing

How are you supporting your resilience right now? It’s grey and gloomy right now and we are all busy. However, making time to prioritise our wellbeing is so important. Time spent building up our energy and resilience, is time that will protect us against the effects of stress, keep us healthy and ultimately help us to be more productive. Even a couple of minutes doing things that make us feel good will make a significant difference to how we feel.

It’s fundamental not to make wellbeing an overwhelming chore or give yourself a big wellbeing to do list.

Try to focus on the small changes you can make that will make a big difference to how you feel.

Here are five simple things you can do to support your wellbeing. Take a look at this list and take note of what stands out for you. Think about which of these is working well for you at the moment and what you could benefit from having more of. This could also mean doing less or stopping something.

  1. Connect: Spend time with people who make you feel good and less time with those that drain you.  You may need to adapt to what is possible for you with the current Covid restrictions. This could be a phone call, a letter, exchanging emojis, or taking part in an online activity. You could also go for a walk with a friend or neighbour.
  2. Be Present: One of the major enablers for resilience is being present.  When we take time to be present we give ourselves a break from the stress of doing and thinking. We become aware of what is going on for us and what we need.  Take some time away from your screen and try staring out the window, taking some deep breaths, mindfulness or meditation. Or have a go at activities that help you stay in the moment like gardening, knitting, or doodling.  And of course, try walking.
  3. Move: Physical movement helps improve our physical health.  It also reduces stress and helps up feel more positive and to think better and even be more creative.  So run, stretch, dance or go for a walk.  Being near nature also has a significant effect on our wellbeing.
  4. Play: Playing is a wonderful way of feeling good, managing our energy, bonding with others and learning. Do whatever feels like play for you. This could be doing a puzzle, playing a game, trying something new or laughing. Or take a playful walk.
  5. Sleep: So don’t go for a walk for this one.  Too often we take the view that we can function well with less sleep but not having enough sleep has a dramatic effect on our energy and resilience. Make sleep a priority and get into a regular routine. Time to rest and do nothing is helpful too.

So – what one thing will you do more of to build your resilience? Let me know what changes you make.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stuck or simply ready to do things differently? 
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Post updated 25/1/22

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