Mile End Park by Walk Coach Learn 2019

Got 5 Minutes? Take a Wellbeing Walk

Mindful walking does wonders for our energy levels, resilience and stress reactions. Even five minutes can be used to take a walk that boosts our wellbeing. This infographic shows you how.

Try making this type of walking a part of your commute or lunch break so that it can become a daily routine. Ideally find some kind of nature to be part of your walk. This could be a park, a street tree or even some weeds growing through the pavement cracks.

Take this wellbeing walk anywhere at anytime. Its an opportunity to just be present, check in with yourself, slow down and breathe. From here its possible to top up your resilience and gain some perspective on whatever is going on for you right now.

Anise uses coaching walks to help you adapt to career change and feel good about the work you do. Get in touch to try a Wayfinding Walk.

Visit Walk Coach Learn to find out more about how coaching walks could support and energise you or your team.

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