Ready to find some Headspace at work?

Taking quality, supported time out will actually help you get more out of your day and feel good about the work you do.   Join Anise for a programme of four 90 minute group coaching walks in streets and green spaces near your workplace.

  • Solve a work problem, reflect on a change you’re experiencing, consider your work direction or gain momentum towards your professional goals.
  • Experience walking coaching as a way to boost wellbeing, think creatively, increase focus and build work relationships. 
  • Feel connected to colleagues and your local area.
  • Leave feeling energised, confident and more healthy.

What could having Headspace in your professional life be like?

Walk into your office in the morning feeling motivated and ready to roll with whatever the day brings.

Understand how you work and the impact on your wellbeing and resilience (plus how you can make manageable, small changes to feel good as you work).

Solve problems by thinking positively and creatively.

Be focused on your bigger goals and prioritise your wellbeing, even when your inbox is overflowing and your to do list is seemingly endless.

Have colleagues you can turn to when work is difficult (or to share the good days).

Four 90 Minute Group Coaching Walks Move You Through These Steps

Step One:
The Shift

Explore what is going on for you right now at work and identify the healthy work change you wish to make.  Discover how to use walking as a tool to communicate effectively and boost your physical and mental health at work.

Step Two:
The Messy Middle

Between the excitement of getting started on a change and the reward of completion is the messy middle. Find out how you manage the messy middle and what you can do to thrive during this tricky yet fundamental phase of every change.

Step Three:
Work Stories

Discover more about how you work to understand what drives you, what works for you and behaviour patterns that help you move forward or stand in your way.

Step Four:
The Future

Review and capture your progress, the changes you’ve made and what you need to continue working well in the future. 

What do walk participants say?

“A great programme that gets you moving and thinking, helps you make changes and builds a supportive group around you.” 

“I would encourage anybody to take part in the programme.  I found out things about myself I wasn’t aware of and met some wonderful colleagues”

“I found the programme to be a transformational experience. It allowed me to carve out quality time for reflection which has positively impacted my outlook on work and personal life.  I feel like I have had a mental massage!”

“My problems may not have disappeared but I certainly have greater confidence in my ability to handle them and move beyond them. I’d definitely recommend taking time out to do the programme – it is like giving yourself a little, well-deserved gift!”

Why Coaching while Walking?

Walking alone has over a hundred physical and mental health benefits.  It also improves thinking and creativity.  

By walking we can have a digital detox and get out of our usual work space. 

Walking while coaching creates a supportive space and gives an exciting sense of possibility.

It helps you to think in new ways, move through blockages and connect with the environment and people around you.