Ready to find some Headspace at work?

Give yourself some quality, supported time to think.  

Solve a work problem, reflect on a change you’re experiencing, consider your work direction or gain momentum towards your professional goals.

Experience walking coaching to boost wellbeing, think creatively, increase focus and connect with colleagues. 

Leave feeling energised, confident and more healthy.

What could having Headspace in your professional life be like?

Walk into your office in the morning feeling motivated and ready to roll with whatever the day brings.

Have that difficult meeting with a colleague and this time have a different conversation that moves you both forward.

Prioritise your wellbeing at work.

Find new solutions to old problems.

Be focused, even when your inbox is overflowing and your to do list is seemingly endless.

Plan your professional goals for the next few months and feel renewed energy to achieve them.

How do Headspace Coaching Walks work?

Join Anise for a series of one-hour individual Headspace Coaching Walks in a green or quiet space near your central London workplace.

Headspace Coaching Walks are available to current Walk Coach Learn clients as a bundle of four walks to be used within a calendar year.  Extra walks can be added on request.

Come ready to walk.  Leave with Headspace and a clear next step.

£460 for 4 walks

Why Coaching while Walking?

Walking alone has over a hundred physical and mental health benefits.  It also improves thinking and creativity.  

By walking we can have a digital detox and get out of our usual work space. 

Walking while coaching creates a supportive space and gives an exciting sense of possibility.

It helps you to think in new ways, move through blockages and connect with the environment and people around you.