Healthy Professional Coaching Programme

Ready to create a healthier professional life?

Not just making time to be healthy outside of work with a quick trip to the gym after work or spending time at the weekend doing something creative. 

Work in a way that actually promotes your physical, mental, communication and team health. 

What could a healthier professional life be like?

  • Have meetings with colleagues where you feel really listened to, you work together to tackle challenges and you leave full of ideas.
  • Take an energising wander at lunchtime instead of eating at your desk.
  • Be able to prioritise and have a clear sense of direction even when your day throws up problem after problem.
  • Take on a new role with confidence.
  • Leave work each day knowing that you’ve achieved something, and you have the energy to enjoy your evening.

How does the programme work?

Take the next step towards creating a healthier professional life by joining Anise for a programme of coaching walks in green spaces near to your London workplace. 

Experience walking while working as a means to boosting wellbeing, thinking creatively, increasing focus and connecting with colleagues.  Build strong relationships while feeling energised and confident in your professional life.

Five One-Hour Coaching Walks Move You Through These Steps

Step One

Explore what is really going on for you right now at work and identify the healthy work change you wish to make. Discover how to use walking as a tool to boost your physical, mental and communication health at work

Step Two

Review your career history to understand what drives you and behaviour patterns that help you move forward or stand in your way. Become aware of your role within the team and what being a leader means to you

Step Three

Look at key work relationships in a new light. Explore your own communication preferences and learn how to build stronger, healthier work relationships, and manage conflict

Step Four

Review and capture your progress, the changes you’ve made and what you need to continue working in healthy ways in the future


“Anise has been so attentive, encouraging, and sensitive. I have felt nurtured by our sessions and I have been left feeling better and able to move forward. Thank you.”
Claire, Writer and Teacher

Why Coaching while Walking?

Walking alone has over a hundred physical and mental health benefits and has been proven to improve thinking and creativity.  Walking coaching focuses on creating a stimulating, reflective, supportive space. 

The physical walk allows a digital detox and gets you out of your usual work space.  It enables you to think in new ways, move through blockages and gain insights from the environment around you.

Healthy Teams

The Healthy Professional Coaching Programme works well as support for team members joining Anise for Team Development.

For one off coaching walks designed to help you or your team solve problems, get focused, and keep progressing towards goals whilst boosting your work life health try Headspace Coaching Walks.