How can #WalkWednesday help your wellbeing?

Life is busy and can be overwhelming. Wednesday is often our busiest day. And that’s when we most need the reminder to take a moment to stop, check in with ourselves and do something positive (yet quick!) for our wellbeing.

#WalkWednesday is a weekly question that invites you to take a few minutes to wander, be present and ponder. Sign up here to receive the newsletter direct to your inbox early every Wednesday. Or keep reading to find out why you would want to…

Why walking?

If you just have a few minutes to walk around your room, that’s great. If you can, a longer wander as you commute or on your lunch break will make a really positive difference to how you feel. Here’s why.

Walking reduces our stress levels, boosts our physical and mental health, improves our thinking and helps us communicate more openly. Walking within two hours of waking up gives us exposure to sunlight in a way that helps us sleep better, enhances our mood and makes us feel more alert. Walking in nature or near greenery gives us even more of a wellbeing boost.

Why ‘being present’?

Being present is how we check in with ourselves. It’s a chance to calm our minds and bodies, and reduce our stress levels. We can then become aware of what we actually need and make good decisions.

Focusing on our breathing moves our attention to our bodies and helps us feel present. Breathing affects every cell in our bodies. Taking three deep breaths will have an instant, relaxing effect. When we are relaxed and feeling less stressed, we are able to think more clearly and creatively.

#WalkWednesday is about being present in really simple, quick, effective ways by taking a few deep breaths, wandering, being aware of how you’re feeling and noticing the world around you.

Why questions?

Clear, open ended questions give you a chance to easily ponder your own resilience and wellbeing. Ultimately, you can then come up with your own ideas that fit your personal situation and make small changes that could make a big difference. Also, walking helps you think in more open, optimistic ways, not only during the wander, but for some time after too.

The questions are simple and accessible but they are based on all I’ve learnt (and continue to learn) from my training and experience as a Resilience Coach. (As well as a decade of coaching experience, I have oodles of coaching qualifications. I’m an accredited Resilience Engine Practitioner, Mental Health First Aider and walk enthusiast).

The questions alternate between invitations to engage with the world around you and calls to reflect on your own experience or mindset. For example, good stuff like what gives us energy, reviewing our boundaries, defining our values, pacing ourselves, forgiveness, being aware of the seasons, connecting with other people. Take a look at previous #WalkWednesday questions.

Why sharing?

Optionally, share your #WalkWednesday photos and ponders with me or comment on LinkedIn. Sharing our experiences bonds us as a community. Different perspectives give us inspiration and new ideas. Similar perspectives remind us that we are not alone. (Not sharing is fine too – whatever works for you).

Really looking forward to wandering and pondering with you.

Anise | Walk Coach Learn

Here’s a reminder of those links.

Too often we treat overworking and feeling stressed as something normal and acceptable. Let’s try working in ways that are productive yet also good for ourselves and those around us. If you’ve been through stressful times or you’re feeling overwhelmed and you want to do things differently, these Coaching Conversations and Resilience Walks are for you.