How could you benefit from joining a Self-Boss Networking Walk?

December Self-Boss Networking Walkers

In time honoured fashion, December’s networking walk enabled participants to connect with each other while reflecting on the year.  After a heavy storm, the day of the walk offered bracing cold, sparkling sunshine and blue sky

Olympic Park

– perfect walking weather.  The route took the walkers through the East Village, wetlands and around the river.  For a short while we felt that we had left urban London.  We made deep connections, laughed, reflected and finished feeling positive and uplifted.  This is networking with a lasting wellbeing boost and you are invited to join the next walk on 25th January.

What could you gain from joining this walk?  Here are some of the benefits of the Self-Boss Networking Walk:

  1. Making connections.  Walking side-by-side generates a sense of equality and openness that makes talking, particularly with strangers, easy and comfortable.  It’s a great way to make memorable connections and contacts.
  2. December Self-Boss Networking Walkers

    Feel part of a community.  Working for ourselves we can feel isolated.  We need a community around us to help us feel supported, motivated and give feedback.  This walk encourages the making of meaningful connections with fellow self-bosses and the opportunity to share experiences with a diverse group of creative, talented people.

  3. Reflect on your business development.  The walk uses the landscape and paired conversations to enable participants to reflect on different aspects of their business.  Participants have reported reconnecting with their business purpose, feeling motivated, making realisations and gaining ideas.
  4. Explore the Olympic Park.  Since the 2012 Olympics and its transformation from a toxic wasteland into a thriving space, the Olympic Park has gone from strength to strength.  As well as the iconic sports venues, the park is bristling with ecological wonders, art works and landmarks.  This is a different way to explore the park using the landscape and changing seasons to make reflections and connections.
  5. Boost your wellbeing.  As a self-boss it can be hard to justify taking the essential time out to focus on your wellbeing.  This walk allows you to be
    Olympic Park

    productive and work while exercising and feeling good.  Just 20 minutes walking produces a natural high.  Participants also benefit from fresh air and a phone free digital detox.

Use the Eventbrite link to sign up.  Come ready to walk with comfy shoes, no heavy bags, weatherproof clothing and of course, your business cards.  Look forward to walking and talking with you.


Playing during the December walk

If you work for you, sign up here to join the next Self-Boss Networking Walk in the Olympic Park on 25th January.

Anise is a coach specialising in working with teams.  She also offers one-to-one self-boss walking coaching designed to get you and your business moving in the Olympic Park.  Get in touch with Anise to find out more.

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