Hoxton Square and the Changing Light

Hoxton Square at midday on a week day in January.DSCF1928

Impressions: Post-sleet puddles and sunlight.  Deep shadows and reflections.  Muddy grass.  Outdoor urinal.  Dog fetching a stick.  White cube gallery.  Chained bicycles.  Chain restaurants and bars – so many changes of ownership and lost memories for me.  Church and church bells.  Cold.  Icy wind.  Grey clouds and moments of blue sky.

Question:  Today the light is dramatic.  Dull and grey and then suddenly sharply black and sunlit.  Look around you and notice the light.  Where is it coming from? How does it move?  How does it change what you see and how you feel?


DSCF1936 DSCF1942 DSCF1945 DSCF1949








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