Is Walking Coaching For Me?

Walking Coaching

Walking coaching gives you the space to slow down and think with the push to get you moving and energised.  It is a walking adventure combining all the health benefits of a walk with the challenging, uplifting connection of working with an experienced coach.  The walk is focused on exploring your work and giving you:

  • support
  • confidence
  • a new perspective
  • self-awareness
  • clarity
  • reduced stress

What’s not to love?  However, perhaps you have some reservations about trying walking coaching.  Here are some common concerns that may be holding you back from participating and some thoughts on how the walking coaching experience may be right for you:

“I’ve had coaching before and had a negative experience”

There are a variety of styles and approaches when it comes to coaching.  Consequently experiences of coaching can differ wildly.

Ultimately coaching is all about the relationship between the client and the coach.  Its important to find the right fit between you and the coach.  That’s why you may wish to join one of my networking walks or have a phone conversation with me before you commit to working with me.  I aim for my clients to feel listened to, uplifted and full of ideas after a walk.

Olympic Park in November

“Its cold and rainy out there”

Yes, the weather can be unpredictable and less favourable in the winter months.

However, winter is when we need encouragement to get outside and moving.  Spending time outdoors, walking and being in nature, as well as being in touch with the changing seasons, has a beneficial effect on our wellbeing and health.  The shifting weather can add to the experience leaving you refreshed or invigorated.  Winter also offers some beautiful, bright days.  It only rains on 29% of days per year in London meaning there is a good chance that it won’t rain during your walk.  Wearing layers and taking rain proofing (a rain coat or brolly) will allow you to feel comfortable outside.  Walking in London, rather than in the open countryside, also means that we are always close to shelter should the weather take a very dark turn!

“I don’t have the time”

Many of us are so busy rushing from task to task.

When we are busy we can work harder and faster ending up feeling worn out and overwhelmed.  Taking time out to reflect on your work, focus on your wellbeing and plan a way forward enables you to come up with strategies that help you work smarter, rather than harder, and therefore have more time.  A walk can be held in an outdoor space near your home or workplace in or near to central London and scheduled to enable you to fit it into your day.

“I don’t feel comfortable talking about me” or “I don’t have problems or need fixing”

There may be a concern that coaching is for people experiencing significant problems or that it could be exposing or veer into counselling territory.

Walking Coaching

A coaching walk is confidential and designed to put you at ease while being free to share what you feel comfortable with.  Coaching is the art of attentive listening and perceptive questioning. The emphasis is on where you are now and where you are going rather than on the past.  It takes as one of its first principles the idea that you are whole, not broken, and the coach’s role is to create the conditions for you to think, reflect and come up with your own solutions.

Coaching isn’t about problems.  Its a way of thinking and being that is relevant to improving how we tackle challenges, feel motivated, relate to others, plan, generate ideas and so many other every day interactions.  It can be particularly useful when you are experiencing a change such as starting a new role, taking redundancy, returning from maternity leave or developing your business.  It can also be fundamental when you are feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed or just in need of some time out to take stock and catch up with yourself.

“Pricing for coaching can be confusing”

There is sometimes a worry that coaching can have hidden costs.

There is no charge for having a chat on the phone with me prior to a walk.  If you go ahead with walking coaching we will agree a location and you can pay for either one session or for a series of three sessions.  Self-bosses are able to take a coaching walk with me, focusing on working for yourself and developing your business, in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for a lower rate.  Talk to Anise about walking coaching prices.

“I hate walking”

Walking in November

Well, yes, if you hate walking then perhaps walking coaching isn’t for you!  You may prefer coaching that takes place indoors or sitting down.

However, to participate in walking coaching you don’t need to be super fit, just able to walk comfortably.  We will walk at your pace with regular stops.  Walking is often described to me as exercise for people who hate exercise.  Not only does walking have numerous physical and mental health benefits, after around 20 minutes of walking we experience a natural high.  Walking side by side moving in the same direction has a powerfully positive effect on a conversation that also gives a sense of movement and space that directly impacts on our thinking and ideas.  By walking we are also able to take an adventure and discover an area in a new way.

Walking coaching is an uplifting, useful, nurturing experience.  Talk to Anise if you feel that walking coaching could be for you…or if you have a concern about walking coaching that you’d like to ask about.

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