‘I’ve had enough of being resilient’ says my client.

It’s everywhere. Social media yells: ‘Be resilient’. ‘Keep going’. ‘Here are 5 ways to be positive’. ‘Here are 3 ways to turn this crisis into an opportunity’.

We talked about how we are doing right now, in our Resilience Group Coaching Programme.  Many of us feel tired and weary.  In the UK we are 6 weeks into lockdown.  It’s a grinding reality and there are rough days.

It’s ok to feel tired.  In fact, it’s expected in the circumstances.  We are allowed to feel tired and down.  We can feel sad or angry.  In fact, we need to do this.

Being resilient isn’t about keeping going regardless.  It isn’t about being able to instantly reinvent ourselves when we lose our career direction.  It isn’t about meeting difficulties by cheerfully clapping our hands and immediately seeing that nightmare situation as an exciting opportunity.

Resilience is about taking care of ourselves. It is about recognising how we are feeling and being aware of what we need.  It is being honest about what is going on and being kind to ourselves.

Resilience is practical.  It is about taking the time to do things that give us energy and make us feel good.  It could be taking a nap or sitting in the sun or walking in the park.  Maybe it’s doing a jigsaw puzzle or dancing round the living room or screaming into a pillow. 

It’s also about sharing how you feel and connecting with other people.  It could be having a rant about your day with a loved one or having a conversation about nothing much.  It could be simply laughing together.  Or maybe it’s joining me for resilience coaching.

It’s whatever works for you.

  • How do you feel right now?
  • And what could you do to take care of yourself?

Find out more about one-to-one and group resilience coaching.  It could be just what you need, even if you’ve had enough of being resilient right now.

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