Letting Go (The Resilience Building Power of Floating Paper Boats on Puddles)

How comfortably do you let go of things?  Do you forgive yourself and others easily?  It’s something I (and my clients) struggle with.  It’s also something I’m working on changing.

Letting go is a key quality of resilience building. 

When we hold on to goals too tightly, we find it hard to change course when those goals become irrelevant.  When we stick to behaviours that no longer serve us, we fail to grow and thrive.  When we hold on to emotional clutter, it drains our energy.  When we hold on to friendships or relationships that now work against us, we don’t have the space to welcome new people into our lives.  When we don’t forgive ourselves, we set up unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others that we cannot live up to.

Paper boat floating away a fear

It can be scary to let go.  We hold on to things, feelings, fears as they are comforting and familiar.  Perhaps they have also been useful or protective for us in the past.  We hold on, to keep ourselves safe, even when that perceived safety can feel uncomfortable and hold us back. 

Letting go, when we are ready, can help us to feel lighter and be more agile.  We become more open to possibilities and more energised.  Consequently, we are able to move on and adapt.

Ask yourself:

  • What is weighing me down?
  • What beliefs or behaviours are no longer working for me?
  • What could I hold a little less tightly?
  • What would I like to make space for?

Choose one thing that you would like to let go of.

Paper boat floating away a feeling

Think about what it would take for you to loosen your grip on this thought/behaviour/feeling/fear/goal.  A coaching conversation can be really useful in thinking through what is no longer serving you and how you can safely move forward.

There is something cathartic and reflective about using a paper boat floating away on a puddle or pond to help visualise letting go.  Try making an origami boat to float away a feeling using this simple, origami boat tutorial.  I’d love to hear more about what you’d like to let go of or see any boats you make.  

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stuck or simply ready to do things differently? 
Resilience coaching can help you reconnect with yourself, feel recharged and tackle challenges with confidence and creativity. Find out more here.


Post updated 27/1/22

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