Lockdown Daisies

In March, like all of us in the UK, my wandering became limited to a once a day walk within my local area. And so began my lockdown daisy project – a photo each week day. These bright, sturdy flowers bloom for months and can grow all over the place.

This became a daily hunt that ended last week with this shadow goodbye image, the final lockdown daisy. Over the last 4 months I’ve posted 90 daisy pictures.

Final lockdown daisy

Looking for daisies has been a wonderful mindfulness, nature studying, local exploration, wandering photography project.

It gave me a focus and a certainty when all was weird and worrying. I’ve learnt so much and enjoyed using the daisies to tell lockdown stories. I’ve trudged in the rain, been browned in the sun, and got ants down my top from lying in the grass for photo taking purposes. I’ve also really appreciated your likes, comments, engagement, knowledge and especially sharing of your own daisy finds.

To see more of the lockdown daisies, and share daisies that you find this summer, do follow me on instagram, @aniseb.

Anise is an experienced coach specialising in resilience and walking techniques. She can often be found wandering and working in London parks.

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