Museum Gardens and Passing

Museum Gardens on a week day lunchtime in February.

Impressions: Cloudy, rainy, hard sky, sludgy mud, damp, shiny paths.  Early blossom, spring shoots, beginning of buds, lively, scavenging squirrels, a squirrel dead in the grass.  Museum of Childhood, church bells chiming.  A crowd of children on a nursery trip, a crowd of bigger children on a school trip, colourful, walking in partners, staff yelling instructions.  Palms, evergreens, large old trees, regal, Mediterranean, historical, unusual, peaceful.

Question:  It’s cold enough to feel that winter will be endless.  But it will end.  It will pass like all things pass.  What feels endless for you right now but that you know will eventually pass?  Can you see the early signs of spring or the signs of what will come next?




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