My inspiration

Here are some people and ideas that have inspired me and shaped my coaching approach:

Linda Carter. Image from

Dr Linda Carter has been a coach and mentor to me and teams I have worked in for a number of years.  She is full of ideas and knowledge. She builds confidence and fosters a positive, peaceful environment in which to think and develop.



Shirley Wardell. Image taken from

Shirley Wardell has been a coach and tutor to me on the Future Leaders Programme and is now my coach supervisor.  She is an expert in the Thinking Environment and creating a challenging, appreciative and reassuring coaching and action learning set environment.


Image taken from Kline’s Time to Think describes the Thinking Environment and a transformative approach to listening, enabling thinking and coaching.  Time to Think changed how I use communication and interact with others and introduced me to principles that are at the bedrock of my coaching style.






point b Peter Bregman’s Point B introduced me to change management and concepts I have continually applied and been guided by.  It focuses on enabling people to be change agents and giving them autonomy to define their own way to an agreed goal.






Adam Levene

Adam Levene has been my art therapist.  He supported me through cancer treatment as well as demonstrating ways to use creativity and art making in individual and group settings to enable connections and reflection.  Adam’s work changed the way I understand myself, the people around me and how art can be used by anyone as a therapeutic or reflective tool.


Ania BasAnia Bas is an artist who co-founded the Walking Book Group.  These exciting events enabled me to discover a walking, reading, talking book group that explored various areas of London and allowed me to meet and exchange ideas with a diverse group of people and further develop my own walking learning practice.



Find out more about Walk Coach Learn walking, Walk Coach Learn coaching or Anise.

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