Thinking of changing your job?

Ready to make a change, but not sure of the next step?  Or how to go about it?  Feeling uncertain can be so uncomfortable. 

Perhaps your thoughts go round in a loop.  You’ve had enough of the role you’re in, but you don’t know what to do next.  You feel stuck.  You lose energy and confidence.  Now you feel more stuck.

Next Step Coaching helps you move forward

In this programme of coaching walks with Anise in green spaces near your central London workplace, you will:

  • Review what’s working for you and what isn’t
  • Gain a clear sense of direction
  • Have a sounding board to talk through options (with someone who isn’t affected by your choices) 
  • Renew your confidence, boost your resilience (that is, your sense of safety and ability to adapt) and leave feeling motivated and ready for the next step

You’ll also discover how to use walking to improve your health, reduce stress, enhance creativity and build work relationships.

Four 90 Minute Coaching Walks

Walk One:
Where Am I Now?

Explore what is really going on for you right now at work. 

Gain perspective on what is working for you and what isn’t.  Understand what’s important to you and the career shift you wish to make.

Become more aware of how you can set up healthy work habits and boost your resilience, that is, your sense of safety and ability to adapt during this time of uncertainty.

Walk Two:
Where Have I Come From?

Review your career history and relationship with work. 

Gain awareness of what drives you, moves you forward or stands in your way.   Understand what you can learn from the past to gain a new perspective from your present and inform your future.

Feel supported and confident as you explore the changes you wish to make.

Walk Three:
How Am I Connected?

Review your work relationships and networks.

The people you work with shape your experience of the role.  Take some time to consider key work relationships, particularly with your manager and team.  Explore how you communicate and connect at work.

Review your network and explore how it can be developed to support your career and resilience.

Walk Four:
Where Am I Going?

Explore different options available to you and gain a clear sense of direction.

Gain perspective on how you can work in a way that is good for your wellbeing and your career.  Be aware of what you need to change, how you can build resilience and how you can overcome setbacks.

Consider what you need to plan a way forward.  Feel motivated and ready to take the next step.


for four walks

"Walking with Anise is wonderful…She listened to my ramblings and asked me questions that sometimes made me uncomfortable but provided growth and change ultimately. I had more than one light bulb moment and at the end of each session I was able to achieve what I wanted or get clarity on what the next step should be."

Why Coaching while Walking?

Walking alone has over a hundred physical and mental health benefits.  It also improves thinking and creativity.  

By walking we can have a digital detox and get out of our usual work place. 

Walking while coaching creates a supportive space and gives an exciting sense of possibility.

It helps you to think in new ways, move through blockages and connect with the environment and people around you.