Online Walkshops

Connect colleagues, reduce work stress and build resilience

Working online gives us more flexibility and exciting opportunities.

But it can be draining, isolating and pressurised. We need to find new ways to help our teams feel connected and make wellbeing a priority as we work.

That’s where my Online Walkshops can help.

Each session is a mini, uplifting adventure that gives everyone space to think, be mindful and build resilience. Walking does wonders for mental and physical health. So give yourself and your colleagues this valuable time to build trust, recharge and make positive changes.


Online coaching walkshops for your team

How a coaching walkshop works

During each one hour walkshop, I will be your guide as we:

How you benefit from coaching walkshops

The benefits for you and your team, include:

Key resilience themes

All my walkshops are tailored to your team resilience needs.

Choose a one off walkshop to feel uplifted and connected.

Enable deeper change and support with a walkshop series.

Sample themes include:


To ensure your team keeps working in healthy ways, I also offer one-to-one resilience coaching and on-demand, guided coaching walks that they can listen to whenever they need it.

Online walkshops start from £400.


Why should you invest in online resilience coaching walkshops?

When you and your colleagues feel energised, resilient and connected, it:

Reviews from walkers

It was the perfect way to wind down after work and put a few things into perspective. I was able to focus on my immediate priorities and make time to think ahead to other priorities rather than just push through reacting to what needs to get done. Thank you for your calm, fresh perspective on what we need more of for making global remote work better - time to breathe!
It was a very good balance between hearing your soothing voice (instructions) and the silent breaks - I felt very relaxed and "in the moment". I really enjoyed this new experience, so much so that I have set up the walk as a recurring event in my calendar and now join online walkshops regularly.
Having experienced Anise's resilience coaching walkshops face-to-face and online, I am very happy to recommend both. Taking time out to talk, reflect, and plan - especially when it seems I haven't the time to take time out - is critical! What I achieve in an hour with Anise - either in a park or over a screen - is easily as valuable as anything I achieve at a desk.

Ready to walk and talk?

Let’s put on our walking shoes and have a chat.