Build your resilience

Resilient professionals prioritise getting things done AND taking care of their wellbeing. They are able to adapt to change and really know themselves. They also accept that some days they need more help and support.

Find out more about your own resilience and what works for you.

Start by joining Anise for a free resilience coaching conversation. 

Horse Chestnut in East London park by Anise 2020

How it works

Book a 30 minute online coaching session.

You will:

  • Learn about what resilience is, why it matters and how it works.

  • Become more aware of your own level of resilience.

  • Identify something you can do right now to raise your energy.

  • Receive a walk prescription to help you reflect on how you can support your resilience.


until end of July 2020
£35 from August 2020

Want to try a DIY Resilience Checkup?

Sign up here to receive a free DIY Resilience Checkup guide. It will show you how to take a short, reflective, wellbeing boosting walk wherever you are and identify what you need next to support your resilience.