Resilience Coaching

Feel confident, recharged and supported through stressful times

When we go through stressful times in our work, like burnout, difficult work relationships or restructuring, it can shake our confidence and make us feel isolated.

Resilience coaching helps you to reconnect with yourself, so you can tackle challenges fully charged with confidence and creativity.

Join me for a different kind of coaching experience.

Professionals in need of extra resilience support will benefit from my warm, human, refreshing approach to one-to-one coaching. Or team leaders can try individual coaching as a taster session before bringing in colleagues for a group walkshop.

Just like my group sessions, my one-to-one walks are a mini adventure that:



You’ll feel great about being you again and develop positive, practical ways of managing stress that allow you to adapt regardless of what life throws at you.

I can coach you online, on the phone or in person in London as you walk (indoors or outdoors). £100 for a one off session or £570 for a block of six.

Wherever you are, I’m ready to have a moving conversation with you.

Reviews from walkers

I had the pleasure of taking four one-to-one coaching sessions with Anise. I've found something to work on that makes me feel lighter, better and still authentically myself. I don't need to change or be mean to people, I can remain friendly, but now I can do that with boundaries in place.
Walking with Anise had an immediate positive impact on me. She met me where I was and helped me navigate my situation without trying to change me, but allowing me to be who I am. It’s comforting to know Anise, her walks and her visuals are a message away when I need her to hold my hand and walk me to a safe and healthy me.
The effect of three sessions of walking coaching has been amazing. I started the sessions full of anxiety, stress and feeling demoralised at work. Now I have regained my confidence, morale and have bounced back. I feel in charge of my life again. Anise’s walks are not a luxury, they’re something we all deserve.

Ready to walk and talk?

Let’s put on our walking shoes and have a chat.