Be Productive and Prioritise Your Wellbeing

Resilient professionals are able to work well without compromising their wellbeing.   They are able to adapt to change and really know themselves. They also accept that some days they need more help and support.

Join Anise for resilience coaching and learn how you can build your resilience.

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Get Coaching When You Need It

Book a one off, one hour  Resilience Checkup to gain space, perspective plus an action to support your resilience straight away. 

Or sign up for a programme of five in depth sessions to learn much more about yourself and resilience, so that you can make positive changes.

Coaching Tailored To Your Resilience Level

Your resilience isn’t static. It changes depending on what’s happening for you.

Coaching with Anise starts with finding out your current resilience level.  By slowing down and connecting with where you are at, you can identify what you need and make better decisions.

Each one hour online coaching session is then tailored to your resilience level.

What You'll Gain

Anise’s coaching mixes learning, reflection, wandering, creativity and mindfulness.  It aims to give you:

  • Time and space to think
  • Practical tools, techniques and knowledge for building resilience
  • Support to bring about change
  • Higher energy levels
  • Awareness of your own resilience and what works for you

Choose the Coaching You Need

Resilience Checkup

This one hour online session will review your resilience level and what you need right now to support your resilience. You'll gain space, perspective and the questions or activities you need to help you manage change, be productive and prioritise your wellbeing.

Four Resilience Checkups

Buy four one hour online sessions and book them as and when you need a Checkup.

Use the sessions within 12 months.

In Depth Programme

Five one hour online sessions will take a deeper look at your resilience and support you to make positive changes. You'll learn more about yourself, resilience and what works for you. You'll ultimately create a resilience map that will guide you in supporting your resilience now and beyond.

Use the sessions within 3 months.