Feel Energised, Clear And Confident

You are busy. Too busy. And yet somehow, you can’t move forward in the way that you want to. You often feel overwhelmed, worn out and frustrated.
You’ve been through stressful times in your work – burnout, toxic environments, difficult work relationships, redundancy or restructure – and you’re ready to do things differently. You want to feel energised, clear and confident.

Join Anise for Resilience Coaching.

False Acacia in East London Park by Anise

This is coaching designed to help you feel good about being you.

It builds resilience. That is, helping you to work in ways that are good for your health, stress levels and energy.

This is coaching that goes at your pace and supports you to try something different in warm, reassuring sessions.

Coaching clients gain complimentary tickets to the Resilience Walk. This is a monthly group coaching walk. Wander where you are and connect via Zoom.

What You'll Gain

Each session is a tiny, safe adventure that mixes learning, reflection, wandering, creativity and mindfulness.  You will:

  • Learn more about yourself and your resilience such as how to manage your energy, review your boundaries and get to know your inner critic.
  • Be invited to use walking during or between sessions to feel good, think creatively and gain some space for yourself.
  • Gain practical tools and techniques to tackle overwhelm, feel energised and build your confidence.
  • Be supported to make positive, manageable, long lasting change that works for you personally.

Choose the Coaching You Need

Resilience Checkup

Need space to untangle your thoughts while boosting your wellbeing?

Book a standalone Resilience Checkup coaching session to gain space to think and recharge, get perspective on what is going on for you right now, and identify an action to support your resilience straight away.

1 hour.

Zoom, phone or walking with me in a central London park.

Resilience Programme

Interested in making long lasting changes that help you feel energised, confident and clear?

The Resilience Programme starts with understanding what is going on for you right now. Each session is then tailored to your own resilience and the themes you wish to explore. You will ultimately create a resilience map that will guide you in supporting your resilience through whatever is ahead.

6 x 1 hour sessions.

Zoom or walking with me in a central London park.

£95 for individuals
£125 for companies

£540 for individuals
£720 for companies

“I started the sessions full of anxiety, stress and demoralised at work, and now I have regained my confidence, morale and have bounced back… I feel in charge of my life again! … I now believe it is not a luxury, but something we all deserve and I thoroughly recommend anyone trying it.” Sandra

“Boundaries and authenticity, celebrating my uniqueness and not always trying to adapt myself to the situation, those have been my saviours. And Anise got me there; I cannot be grateful enough. I’m amazed at how much I’ve been able to learn about myself…It’s given me so much more power to continue on my path.” Astrid

Read more about Astrid’s experience of coaching.