Work Well While Taking Care of Yourself

Resilient professionals prioritise getting things done AND taking care of their wellbeing. They are able to adapt to change and really know themselves. They also accept that some days they need more help and support.

Join Anise for a four week, online, group coaching programme designed to build your resilience. 

You’ll find out more about your own resilience and what works for you. You’ll also benefit from the support, experience, energy and laughter of working within a small group.

Four 90 minute online group coaching sessions will help you to:

    • Raise your energy levels.
    • Get out of your head and connect up with a small, supportive group.
    • Gain the tools and knowledge you need to manage the changes you are going through.
    • Use walking techniques (indoors or outdoors) to boost your energy levels and think clearly and creatively.

Four 90 Minute Online Group Coaching Sessions

Session One:

Learn about what resilience is, why it matters and how it works.  Be aware of your own resilience level and identify an action you can take right now to raise it.

Discover how to use wandering (indoors and outdoors) as a resilience building tool.

Session Two:

Work together to take a deeper look at resilience and what works for you. Learn more about resilience enablers and barriers plus the significance of connecting with the people, places and activities that are important to you.

Session Three:

Understand how you learn, the impact on your resilience and what changes you can make. Draw on the support and experience of the group to explore beliefs and behaviours that help you or hold you back.  

Session Four:

Create a Resilience Map that captures what you’ve learnt. The map will guide you to support your resilience in your work and life, now and beyond the programme.

The next open programme will run in September. Get in touch to find out more.