Connect colleagues, build resilience and reduce work stress

Work has become increasingly pressured, uncertain and characterised by constant change. Join me for resilience walks and programmes that help you and your colleagues protect against these stressors and work in ways that are good for your wellbeing. Each session is a tiny, uplifting adventure that gives you space to think, time to be mindful and the connection you need to have moving conversations.


Urban Park on Red Phone Box

Explore the coaching experience that’s right for you, your team or your colleagues.

Team Resilience Walk

Take your team for a tiny adventure walking together online or in person in a London park.

This mindful coaching walk will help them build their resilience, feel uplifted and connect with each other. This bespoke, guided experience creates a space for your team to comfortably bond and have open conversations about their work experience.

Resilience Programme

Invite colleagues to join this group coaching programme delivered online or while walking in central London.

Participants discover how to use walking creatively to be mindful, reflect, feel good and connect with each other and their local environment. They explore key resilience themes, learn how they can work in ways that are good for their wellbeing, and make lasting, positive changes.

Resilience Coach in Residence

When adapting to major work place changes, in residence coaching offers a period of intensive resilience support.

A tailored mix of events, programmes, and one-to-one coaching provides you and your colleagues with different ways to connect with each other, reduce stress, foster wellbeing and build resilience.

Why invest in resilience?

When colleagues feel resilient and connected:

  • They prioritise collaboration
  • They work in healthier, more sustainable ways
  • They communicate more openly and inclusively
  • They are able to tackle challenges with creativity, confidence and energy

What clients say

“I found the programme to be a transformational experience. It allowed me to carve out quality time for reflection which has positively impacted my outlook on work and personal life. I feel like I have had a mental massage!” 

“A brilliant and surprising experience which helped me to reconsider my view of myself and my approach towards work. …I’d definitely recommend taking time out to do the programme – it is like giving yourself a little, well-deserved gift!” 

“Anise’s style and approach and particularly the walking aspects of her coaching totally lends itself to create a relaxed and connected environment where you feel completely engaged.”