Self-Boss Networking Walk – Growth

The Olympic Park in April is alive with blossom and greenery.  The Self-Boss participants drew on this flourishing environment to connect with each other and reflect on growth in our own businesses.  We asked what we have been successful developing, how we’ve developed through things going wrong and what support we need to grow our businesses.  A little drizzle added to the experience as we wandered along the canal, river and wetlands.

“It was extremely relaxing to be walking through such a beautiful area.”

Mandeville Place Apple Blossom

There is laughter, bonding and a healthy exchange of ideas, advice and referrals that spills into the post-walk coffee and beyond onto social media.  It is an all round uplifting, positive and energising London adventure.

“Great way to generate new ideas through connecting and drawing inspiration from our environment and connecting with a variety of other business people!”

The walk experience fosters the building of meaningful connections.  This is networking with a lasting wellbeing boost and you are invited to join the next walk on 24th May.  Read more about how you could benefit from joining a Self-Boss Networking Walk

Use the Eventbrite link to sign up.  Come ready to walk with comfy shoes, no heavy bags, weatherproof clothing and of course, your business cards.  Look forward to walking and talking with you.

Sign up here to join the next Self-Boss Networking Walk in the Olympic Park on 24th May.

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