Self-Boss Networking Walk – Letting Go

The sun shone for our final Self-Boss Networking Walk.  It was a moving, bonding and uplifting experience.  We enjoyed the park at its colourful, green, blue skied, creative finest.  Conversation traversed cycling, walking art, Brexit, secondary schools, the National Park City movement and all manner of subjects, but was held together by a core exploration of the theme of letting go in our businesses. We used the paired discussions, wander, landmarks and art works in the park to provoke questions and thinking.

I have attended a couple of Anise’s Self-Boss walks, and both times, I’ve come away enthused and encouraged. I’ve also found that conversations throw up unexpected things – not only because I’m meeting and talking to people outside of my own area of knowledge, but also because I’ve given myself this space, and I’ve addressed something that’s been on the back burner, just beyond my peripheral vision. It has helped me tune into it. Claire Collison, Artist & Writer.

The leaves are turning into many colours and beginning to fall.  Now is the time to ask what we will hold on to and what we will let fall away.  The theme was particularly pertinent as this was the last Self-Boss Networking Walk in a year long series of twelve.  It is time for me to let go of the walk in this format.  And to be aware of what I’m holding on to.  That includes all I have learnt about walking reflectively with open groups, discoveries about the Olympic Park and above all the numerous relationships I have made on these wanders.  I have been touched by the experiences of the participants; the connections and reflections we made, the laughter and camaradarie (particularly through freezing temperatures, soaring heat and relentless drizzle!), the ideas and support shared, and seeing the visible benefits of an outdoor walk.

Anise’s walk is different from the rest of networking. It is casual but very powerful. Her prompt questions are always so carefully throughout and fluid with the course of the walk. I don’t know how she does it! Thanks Anise. Lia Choi, MD, Marybow Property 

While this was the final Self-Boss Networking Walk – it is not the last walk.  This walk will develop into something new.  I’m keen to hear what kind of walk you would benefit from.  A small group coaching walk?  A reflective walk that runs quarterly? A monthly open networking walk, not just for Self-Bosses, with a supporting Linkedin group?  Something else?  Do let me know.

There will be a free networking walk for Enterprise Steps members on Thursday 11th October.  (Enterprise Steps offers free business support, mentorship and seminars to London self-bosses).  Members can register for the walk here. You can become an Enterprise Steps member here 

Want to get your business moving?  Interested in reflecting on how you work, boosting your business energy and confidence, and planning a sustainable way forward? Get in touch to join me for a one-to-one coaching walk.

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