Self-Boss Networking Walk – Motivation

It’s a surprisingly warm November day.  A group of strangers with diverse business backgrounds become a lively, supportive, adventurous gathering of self-bosses, through a walk in the Olympic Park.  This is a different kind of networking experience, a Self-Boss Networking Walk lead by Anise and designed to be uplifting, energising and positive.

“The walk was inspiring, relaxing and helpful all at the same time! I met some lovely people and enjoyed sharing experiences.”

This walk loops around the Orbit, along the canal past the Carpenters Road Lock, through the British Garden and back to the Aquatic centre.  The park is alive with Autumn colours and the sounds of our group’s conversation.  The participants walk in alternating pairs and take time to reflect on their business journey, share their experiences and connect with each other.

“Anise is so clever at making connections in the physical walk to provide themes for our pocket size chats. The enthusiasm that others showed in my ideas gave me courage to develop them.”

This walk focused on the theme of motivation.  We reflected on the motivation that got us started and keeps us going as a self-boss, as well as how we can keep our motivation topped up.  Working on our own demands ongoing high levels of motivation and energy making this walk an invaluable opportunity to both recharge and reconnect with what drives us.  All this, of course, while meeting friendly, likeminded self-bosses and developing our network.

“Anise is a fabulous host, giving the right balance of direction and insight whilst also allowing her guests the opportunity to discuss their businesses and take conversations in the directions that suit them best. Looking forwards to next time!”

The participants left with a wellbeing boost, some new contacts and a warm glow towards their work.

“Wonderful experience!”

If you work for you, sign up here to join the next Self-Boss Networking Walk in the Olympic Park on 12th December.

Anise also offers one-to-one self-boss walking coaching designed to get you and your business moving in the Olympic Park.  Get in touch with Anise to find out more.

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