Self-Boss Networking Walk – Vision

January Self-Boss Networking Walkers

A sunny January day.  The networking walk participants take a refreshing wander through the wetlands, along the river Lea, through the Velopark and past the hockey centre.  The route and questions enable the walkers to reflect on their vision for 2018 and feel enthusiastic and focused on the changes they are aiming to bring about in their business.

“Meeting new people whilst walking and talking is a great experience. I am looking forward to the next one. Truly inspirational.”

Tanya Camilleri, Personal Trainer at Poise Training


The walk experience fosters the building of meaningful connections.  There is laughter, bonding and a healthy exchange of ideas, advice and referrals that spills into the post-walk coffee and beyond onto social media.  It is an all round uplifting, positive and energising adventure.

“I highly recommend that you invest the time to go on this walk in February. Anise evokes thought in what you are doing everyday and it’s a great way to communicate whilst walking. Great business contacts made as a bonus.” 

January Olympic Park

Hayley John-Charles, Travel Consultant at Not Just Travel

This is networking with a lasting wellbeing boost and you are invited to join the next walk on 23rd February.  Read more about how you could benefit from joining a Self-Boss Networking Walk.  Use the Eventbrite link to sign up.  Come ready to walk with comfy shoes, no heavy bags, weatherproof clothing and of course, your business cards.  Look forward to walking and talking with you.

Feeding the geese

If you work for you, sign up here to join the next Self-Boss Networking Walk in the Olympic Park on 23rd February.

Anise is a coach specialising in working with teams.  She also offers one-to-one self-boss walking coaching designed to get you and your business moving in the Olympic Park.  Get in touch with Anise to find out more.

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