Self-Boss Networking Walk – Support

We are a group of self-bosses, winding our way through the blustery Olympic Park connecting and sharing with each other. We all work for ourselves, usually on our own, and enjoy walking and talking.  Beyond that we are a diverse group working within a range of businesses and sectors interested in supporting each other, learning, discovering, reflecting and making contacts.  This is a different kind of networking experience, a Self-Boss Networking Walk lead by Anise and designed to be uplifting, energising and positive.

“A fun, inspiring and focused way to spend a couple of hours walking and talking”

Walking side-by-side in pairs and trios enables the group to talk openly and comfortably, generate ideas and reflect dynamically.  The walk gives participants fresh air, exercise and perhaps a much-needed excuse to make time to go for a walk.

It has been less than five years since this wasteland was transformed and opened as the Olympic Park.  The plants have matured and the October landscape is bursting with autumnal flowers and colourful foliage.

“A very positive and affirmative experience”

The inaugural Self-Boss Networking Walk route passed the London stadium and looped along a bank of the River Lea.  We admired the Olympic Bell, Europe’s second heaviest bell, and discussed the small robotic mowers that cut the grass in parts of the park.

The route and sights were used to trigger and frame conversations related to being self-bosses.  This first walk focused on the theme of support.  When we work for ourselves we often don’t have access to the resources of a workplace.  We work on our own and need a persistent level of motivation, nerve and self-awareness to keep ourselves going.

“Anise is an easy going guide and generous in her planning of a well-timed walk & has a great network of people who attended. I’ll be back!”

The group discussed the support networks we have created and questioned how we gain support, what support we need and what if anything we wish to change.  We also learnt from the experiences of each other and specified a small, doable action related to strengthening our support network to follow up after the walk.

“I left the walk invigorated and with more focus. I will definitely join the next walk and I’ve already recommended it to my friends”

The participants left feeling energised and bonded as a group.   If you work for you, sign up here to join the next Self-Boss Networking Walk in the Olympic Park on 15th November.  Or find out more about holding a walking meeting with Anise for your team or group.

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