Share Your Walks for National Walking Month

May brings clement weather, flowers, blossom, longer evenings and light.  May is also National Walking Month and a time to get out and engage with the wonders of walking.  Living Streets, the charity for every day walkers, encourages us to walk for 20 minutes daily for National Walking Month.  Get walking by sharing your shoes and walks every day in May with Walk Coach Learn using #shareyourwalk. Tell us about your walk.  Where are you walking?  Who are you walking with?  How do you feel and what can you see?  Consider how we can make walking a habit and a positive part of our every day life.

Walking has over 100 health benefits for the mind and body.  20 minutes is long enough to generate a natural high.  Walking also improves thinking and creativity and enables us to have better conversations.  Through walking we can connect more with ourselves and our own thoughts and the area we are walking through.  You don’t need any special equipment – just your legs and comfy shoes.  You don’t need to go to the wilderness or a beauty spot.  Start wherever you are at, on your street, near your office or in your local park.

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