Stamford Meadows and Mole Hills

Stamford Meadows on a week day morning in January. (Escaping London)DSCF1804

Impressions: Frosty grass, ducks, geese, pretty stone town skyline.  Mud hard with frost and mud soft with rain and mud piled into mole hills and mud of different shades.  Bare trees, tree surgeons working.  A robin.  A field of winter wheat.  Walkers, perhaps hunting for Pokemon Go characters.  Walkers saying ‘hello’.

Question: A mole hill is small from above and huge from below.  What is an obstacle that you have encountered?  How did the obstacle appear before you tackled it and how did it appear when it was behind you?  How did you overcome the obstacle?


DSCF1827 DSCF1816 DSCF1834 DSCF1791









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