Lake at Kew Gardens

Standing Still in Wintry Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens on a week day morning in January.

Impressions: Babies, so many babies, and toddlers and maternity leave mothers.  Retired women in colourful accessories – rainbow leg warmers, leopard print hat, furry pink gloves.  A friendly and curious robin follows me.  Steaming manure, frost in the shade, deep winter colours, strong shadows, brilliant light, blinding sun through leafless trees.  Space, so much space to walk and sights to discover.  To walk with eyes closed and feel, listen and smell the world around.  Feel the cold air, nearly warm sun, crisp grass underfoot.

Question: Find a space outside, a park if possible, stand still and close your eyes.  Take a moment to just stand.  What can you hear?  What can you feel and smell?  How does it feel to just stand?



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