Berkeley Square and Restrictions

Berkeley Square on a week day lunchtime in October. Impressions: Encircled by traffic.  Walls of benches.  Scavenging pigeons (no nightingales).  Suspended parking.  Restricted areas.  Pink and white flowers.  Workmen.  Workers.  Lunching. A group sleeping on the sunny grass.  Phone box stuffed with bedding. Question:  Are there rules or restrictions for people spending time with you? …

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Shoreditch Park & Benches

Shoreditch Park on a week day September afternoon at 5pm Impressions: Community.  Colourful.  Footballing children.  Playing children.  Toddlers.  Teenagers.  Cyclists.  Playground.  Pitch.  Dog walkers.  Spray painted, graffiti-ed benches. Question: Where would you install a bench as a tribute to you?  Where do you love to be, to walk, to sit?  And what would be inscribed …

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