Three Mills

Three Mills on a week day afternoon in June. Impressions: Long grass, riverside, cranes and tall buildings.  Steps up a fallen log, golden gates, paths the shape of a round circle with waving arms, teenagers huddled and chatting.  Strong sunshine, hot breeze, wooden playground, floor trampoline, statues, butterflies, cobbled path. Question: Sometimes we can only see the steps, …

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Yellow flowers in Weavers Fields

Grass in Weavers Fields

Weavers Fields on a week day lunchtime in August. Impressions: Lying in the grass, cut grass, cut grass smell, grass cut in stripes. Wide space, children playing, a man doing press-ups on the path.  All weathers at once – scorch of sun, chill, blue, white, grey sky.  Butterflies flitting and dancing. Question:  What do you notice …

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