Puddle Hopping Along the Lee Valley

Lee Valley to Canary Wharf on a week day afternoon in January. Impressions: Blue sky, yawning puddles, canal path obstacles, puddle hopping, fascinating reflections, sea gulls circling, orange tree, early lights Question: What obstacles give you positive new perspective? Images: Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and coaching

Lee Valley

East London section of Lee Valley on a week day afternoon in July.  Impressions:  Cloudy and warm, sunless yet harshly bright.  Canal boats, early blackberries, bridges, pathways, railways, lots of lines, criss crossing and rising.  Colourful graffiti, lurid green sludge, algae, waterfowl, cranes, building clanking. Question: As I walk I wonder how the ducks survive …

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Building at Granary Square

Granary Square on a week day January morning. Impressions: A post holiday calm.  Freezing wind.  Grey day.  Canal, boats, swans, Word on the Water boat.  Construction, cranes, boards, drilling and banging.  Christmas tree ice sculpture.  Arts students, tourists, walkers.  Radical change.  Student halls, tiny flats, redesigned industrial buildings, cafes and restaurants.  Manicured trees. Question:  This …

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