Madrid by Day

Madrid, Spain by day in November Impressions: Brilliant sunlight, blue, cloudy sky, beautiful architecture, rows of skinny, shin high bollards, Spanish flags waving from balconies. Pretty dogs, pretty people, Almodovar style fabulous high heeled, big hair, loudly made up women, cool young people, sophisticated older people, the odd disorientated drifter, tourists from many countries. Question:  …

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Commuting in London Fields

London Fields on a week day early evening in August Impressions: Park folk acting as if it is summer despite the chill and drizzle. Picnicking, playing, basketball, cricket, yelp of children in the playground, whir of bicycles.  So many bicycles.  Walkers and cyclists commuting through the park with focused intent.  Hipster heaven – beards, turn ups, …

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