Three Mills

Three Mills on a week day afternoon in June. Impressions: Long grass, riverside, cranes and tall buildings.  Steps up a fallen log, golden gates, paths the shape of a round circle with waving arms, teenagers huddled and chatting.  Strong sunshine, hot breeze, wooden playground, floor trampoline, statues, butterflies, cobbled path. Question: Sometimes we can only see the steps, …

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Yellow flowers in Weavers Fields

Grass in Weavers Fields

Weavers Fields on a week day lunchtime in August. Impressions: Lying in the grass, cut grass, cut grass smell, grass cut in stripes. Wide space, children playing, a man doing press-ups on the path.  All weathers at once – scorch of sun, chill, blue, white, grey sky.  Butterflies flitting and dancing. Question:  What do you notice …

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Space at Wanstead Flats

Wanstead Flats on a week day morning in March. Impressions: Cloudfree blue sky, surprising heat in the sunshine, flat, empty, wide space, dot of people in the distance, occasional clumps of trees.  Squashy, springy grass and gorse.  Careful of the birds nesting in the grass.  A murder of crows, swirl of gulls, gang of pigeons, honking geese. …

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Bushy Park and Protection

Bushy Park on a week day afternoon in February.  Impressions:  Face whipping wind and drizzle.  ‘Don’t feed the deer’ signs, deer droppings, trees boxed in to protect against hungry deer, but no deer to be seen.  Space, expanse, freedom, wide grass, trees.  Opaque sky, wispy, bumpy grass, winter tree branches making lacy silhouettes in the sky. …

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