Tree Bathing on Barnes Common

Barnes Common early on a warm, April week day morning Impressions: Warm, chatty birds, thick, wet mud, thick, dry mud, shoots, greening leaves, insects buzzing, tree bathing. Question: What effect does tree bathing have on you? Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and coaching

Grays Inn Square

Grays Inn Square on a week day afternoon in July. Impressions: Blue sky after the downpour, serene, regal.  Shiny, old windows, shiny, new cars, magnificent buildings.  Trees sprouting a cover of leaves to the ground, places to hide, manicured grounds, peaceful and empty. Question: What does the colour yellow evoke for you? Images: Find out more …

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Locked up in Tredegar Square

Tredegar Square on a July weekday morning. Impressions: Layers of green, sssshhhh of wind through the leaves, yellow sunshine, twirly benches.  Trees captured in plots of padlocked railings.  Large dragonfly swooping about, sneezing from the clouds of pollen and falling leaves, busy bees, distant siren, snatches of one-sided phone conversations. Question: What is precious enough to …

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Blocked in Victoria Park

Victoria Park on a week day morning in May. Impressions: Lush green, abundant summer growth, healthy nettles, air rich with pollen, huge, gorgeous space.  Walkers, joggers, dogs, tree surgeons working with buzzing tools. Model boating lake, playground, cafe, hoardings arriving to block off a festival space. Question: What is a block for you?  What is …

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Mile End Park, Neglect and Attention

Mile End Park on a week day afternoon in December. Impressions: Distant sirens.  Flourishing arts, eco pavilion, wild life and wild plants.  Canal and narrow boats.  Drizzle and wet grass.  Hipsters, headphones, phone conversations, student halls, cyclists, dogs.  Stagnant water, lurid green algae, floating cans and a pair of fat rats. Question:  The dead green water used …

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