Calm And Busy At Roehampton Campus

Roehampton University campus early on an April week day morning Impressions: Blossom, daffodils, dandelions, busy swans and geese on the lake, warmth, mild sunshine, campus construction work, sense of calm busyness. Question: With unlimited time and funds, what subject would you sign up to study? Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and coaching

What I Love About Being a Self-Boss

I’m wandering round in light rain, watching a swan and her new cygnets, plotting a route for a group walk – exploring, problem solving, mindfully observing.  This is an example of a day in my working life now and I feel grateful and alive.  Walking and wandering and doing something wonderful that gets people connecting, thinking, reflecting and active. …

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Advice from an Astronaut

Am reading the wonderful Chris Hadfield’s ‘An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth‘.  While sharing his extraordinary space experiences, Chris Hadfield explains what it takes to become an astronaut. Actually going to space, even for those recruited as astronauts, is an almost impossible feat that requires superhuman levels of resilience, skill, dedication, planning, learning, health and …

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