Tree walkway in Regents Park

Regents Park and Colour

      Regents Park on a week day afternoon in November. Impressions: Alive with light and walkers.  Carpets of every colour leaves.  Shimmering water.  Man in a jumper with a fox on it feeding a squirrel.  Dogs.  Joggers.  Photographers.  Fountains.  Gardens.  Bird feeding, duck feeding, honking geese.  Sculpture trail.  Expansive space that feels like coming …

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Building at Granary Square

Granary Square on a week day January morning. Impressions: A post holiday calm.  Freezing wind.  Grey day.  Canal, boats, swans, Word on the Water boat.  Construction, cranes, boards, drilling and banging.  Christmas tree ice sculpture.  Arts students, tourists, walkers.  Radical change.  Student halls, tiny flats, redesigned industrial buildings, cafes and restaurants.  Manicured trees. Question:  This …

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Winter Light Magical Powers at Kew Gardens

Winter Lights at Kew Gardens on a week day evening in December. Impressions: Night, magical lights, tacky performances, amazing sculpture, fire, colour.  Mulled wine, doughnuts, marshmallows.  Children, families, music, fairground rides.  Winding walk, floodlit trees, laser lit water.  The Hive shining and breathtaking. Question: The lights create a magical atmosphere.  If we could use magic to give …

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Mile End Park, Neglect and Attention

Mile End Park on a week day afternoon in December. Impressions: Distant sirens.  Flourishing arts, eco pavilion, wild life and wild plants.  Canal and narrow boats.  Drizzle and wet grass.  Hipsters, headphones, phone conversations, student halls, cyclists, dogs.  Stagnant water, lurid green algae, floating cans and a pair of fat rats. Question:  The dead green water used …

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Hoxton Square and the Changing Light

Hoxton Square at midday on a week day in January. Impressions: Post-sleet puddles and sunlight.  Deep shadows and reflections.  Muddy grass.  Outdoor urinal.  Dog fetching a stick.  White cube gallery.  Chained bicycles.  Chain restaurants and bars – so many changes of ownership and lost memories for me.  Church and church bells.  Cold.  Icy wind.  Grey clouds and …

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Shoreditch Park & Benches

Shoreditch Park on a week day September afternoon at 5pm Impressions: Community.  Colourful.  Footballing children.  Playing children.  Toddlers.  Teenagers.  Cyclists.  Playground.  Pitch.  Dog walkers.  Spray painted, graffiti-ed benches. Question: Where would you install a bench as a tribute to you?  Where do you love to be, to walk, to sit?  And what would be inscribed …

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